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  • Tanglewood Concert Ukulele


    That jangle. You know. That sweet, lively, bouncy tone? Well this Tanglewood TWTCP Tiare Concert Size Ukulele brings you just that. And it's perfect for players of all skill.


    Beginner or intermediate player, this Tiare Ukulele proudly boasts all the fun, joy, and tonal liveliness ukes are known for. But with distinct Tanglewood flair too.


    Made entirely with linden, you have all that classic charm, addictive mellow warmth, and authentic jangle that's lived on throughout music history. Delicious. Plus, if you're looking for comfort, the TWTCP Tiare offers a compact, traditional concert shape that's perfect for little learners as well.


    A joyful instrument where inspiration flourishes...


    Specifications / Features

    • SHAPE: Concert
    • TOP: Linden
    • BACK: Linden
    • SIDES: Linden
    • FINGERBOARD: Poplar
    • BRIDGE: Hardwood
    • STRINGS: Clear Nylon
    • FINISH: Satin
    • Full Specification: TWTCP

    Tanglewood Concert Ukulele

    SKU: TCU1

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