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  • Hidersine 4/4 Electric Violin


    The HEV3 electric violin by Hidersine is an excellent option for students who wish to practise quietly, using headphones. 

    However, when plugged into an amplifier, the possibilities are endless. Not only will your electric violin sound like a regular acoustic instrument, but you could plug into your tablet or PC to record, or use third-party software to add countless effects.

    Supplied as an outfit, the Hidersine HEV3 is complete with a quality bow, and supplied in a rectangular protective case


    Specifications / Features


    • EQ dials enable you to control your tone
    • Practise in near silence!
    • Piezo pick-ups capture every nuance of your playing
    • Includes bow, rosin, battery, and case

    Hidersine Electric Violin


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